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Kafoodle partnership with SFBB+ the food safety compliance app

Monday, April 26, 2021

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Kafoodle is excited to be working with SFBB+ to help make allergen compliance and food safety a simple process for all.

SFBB+ - The Food Safety Compliance App

The team at SFBB+ is working in partnership with Kafoodle to provide you with the complete set of digital tools you need for the management of food safety within your business.SFBB+ is the Food Standards Agency “Safer Food, Better Business” pack in an app, with great features to help your business stay compliant.  Your SFBB+ food safety management system is:

  • The first thing your food inspector will ask to see during an inspection
  • A fully compliant food safety management system required in law
  • Secure and always available
  • Easy to share - send anyone your full records immediately and share record keeping with your staff
  • Fully digital - no more piles of paper records

All for a subscription of just £4.99 a month.Visit the SFBB+ website for more information and to find details on how to access your free trial.As a Kafoodle customer, we are pleased to offer you a 5% discount on a 3 or 6-month subscription (please use the discount code SPECIAL5) or a 10% discount on a 12-month subscriptions (please enter SPECIAL10) via our subscription portal.

To access the subscription portal please click here.