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International Women's Day 2024

Turning International Women's Day Into a Month

Just as we celebrate spring's arrival and the many joys it brings at Kafoodle, we never forget International Women's Day. This year has been a little different. Here at Kafoodle, a business founded by two female tech entrepreneurs, we've celebrated International Women's Day all month. Since last year, Kafoode has joined the 365 Retail Markets group and gained new partners who bring many amazing women helping Kafoodle support the hospitality and food service sectors.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024


From Kirsty Bain's financial finesse amidst the UK and European markets to Julie Franzese’s zestful leadership in sales, every woman at Kafoodle and Spoonfed brings a unique flavour to our table. Liz Morgan's cherished family recipes infuse tradition into innovation, while Lisa Edgar, Heather Ross and Mhairi-Therese Fowler's expertise ensures that every client onboarding is as satisfying as their signature dishes. Kristina Smulkstyte's balance of work and wellness is as inspiring as her steak with blue cheese, and Mishita Gupta's journey from Mumbai to London weaves diversity into our company's fabric.

Kafoodle and Spoonfed's female team members 2024

This month's filming of video interviews has spotlighted industry leaders like Kristy Hodgson, Executive Chef for Savore, Francesca Merritt, Group Head Chef at Grazing and Emily Warburton Adams, Co-founder of Pow Food Catering, who are breaking new ground with their culinary craft and sustainable practices. Together, these women—clients, colleagues, and leaders—blend their talents to create a hospitality industry rich with opportunity and flavour.

Bolstering this spirit, recent statistics reveal a positive trend: as of late 2023, the UK's accommodation and food services sector employed approximately 904,000 women, surpassing the 732,000 men in the field. This shift not only marks progress towards gender parity but also underscores the critical role women play in driving the industry forward.

Whilst these statistics are promising, it was great to hear during a recent interview with Kristy Hodgson; she, too, has seen a change in the gender balance in the hospitality industry, saying, "In the kitchen here at Savore, we have three female chefs and three male chefs actually, so a very even split! I'm not saying it's 50/50 in all kitchens, but I do see the gender balance becoming more even. When I started twenty years ago or so, it was very different. It was really unusual for me to be with any other females in the kitchen. Anecdotally, I have noticed a big difference."

As we recognise their achievements, let's also embrace the action that International Women's Day calls for—advancing the future of hospitality with the courage and creativity of women leading the way. We celebrate the blend of passion, leadership, and innovation these women bring to the forefront, making every dining experience and business venture a step towards a more inclusive world.

Here's to the women who nourish our industry and our world. Your drive and dedication are the heart of our community. Happy International Women's Day/Month!

#IWD2024 #WomenOfKafoodle #HospitalityHeroes

For more details on the workforce statistics, please visit Statista.

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