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Trust Kafoodle for all your ordering, stock records and wastage needs

Complete food purchasing and inventory management software to track stock levels, manage ordering and monitor waste.

food, ingredient and stock inventory management software

Monitor stock, order from suppliers, keep track of price changes and record waste.

Kitchens are increasingly turning to digital solutions to run their businesses more efficiently. Making life easier for chefs and giving them more time in the kitchen, doing what they do best.

Staying on top of multiple suppliers, orders and stock can be a time-consuming and frustrating task. Let Kafoodle simplify these processes, reduce overheads and give you valuable data insights in one secure and easy-to-use system.

Trust Kafoodle for all your ordering, stock records and wastage needs.

Extensive reporting

An extensive reporting system shows you trends such as supplier performance, total spending broken down by categories, stock valuation, waste performance and more.

Gain valuable insights into your profit and revenue margins by seeing what you’re ordering, with who, when and how often. Any instances of over-ordering can be instantly recognised.

food supplier performance reports

Complete food inventory system


Connect directly with your supplier's system to ensure you are never short on stock.

Stock Valuation

Quickly view your stock's valuation and get insight into which products need using

Waste Monitoring

Track and report why waste occurs and view the total value of your wasted produce.

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