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Calorie Labelling

Calculate the calorie content of your ingredients and recipes to create healthy, balanced meals for calorie labelling and display them on your digital menus.

nutritional statistics for recipe labelling and menus

What is the New Calorie Law?

Calorie information is mandatory for certain food businesses from 6th April 2022.

The government has introduced legislation making calorie labelling mandatory among food businesses (with 250 or more employees) in the out-of-home sector. In addition to helping consumers make healthier decisions, calorie labelling encourages businesses to reformulate the food and drink they offer and provide lower-calorie options for their customers.

Businesses affected include restaurants, cafes, takeaways, bakeries, caterers, supermarkets, hotels and workplaces.

hand holding phone with digital menu on to order from

How easy is it to add calories to menus?

Only two simple steps to find out a recipe’s calories and display them on your labels and menus.

Step 1. Add ingredients

How can you add ingredients to Kafoodle?

  • Integrate Kafoodle with your supplier’s database
  • Use our default inventory of ingredients
  • Bulk upload from a spreadsheet
  • Add ingredients manually

Ingredients can be singular or composite (multiple ingredients to make one). Every ingredient will have nutritional information and a total kCal value, ready to be used in your recipes.

how to find an ingredients calorie content

Step 2. Create a Recipe

How do you create recipes in Kafoodle?

  • Bulk upload from a spreadsheet (super fast)
  • Create recipes by adding ingredients and quantities manually (fast)

Kafoodle will automatically calculate the recipe’s nutritional value by selecting an ingredient and entering quantities, including a calorie calculator.

You can scale this recipe up and down to recalculate.

see a recipes calorie and allergen details

Step 3. Add calories to food labels

How do you add and create food labels with calories on them?

Kafoodle will automatically generate labels for your recipes based on the ingredient’s nutritional values and quantities. Our food labelling feature allows you to:

  • Display or hide recipe nutritional information
  • Display or hide calorie content
  • Change layout, shape and size
  • Chose which legislation you want to be compliant for

Once you have decided how you want your label to look and the information you want to be displayed, you can put it on a formatted sheet to print in multiple quantities.

show and hide calories per 100g for food label

Step 4. Put calorie information on your menu

Using Kafoodle, you can easily add calories to your menu in multiple ways.

The manual method

If you create your menus, all you have to do is go to your Kafoodle Recipe Datasheet to view all the nutritional information you need. You can decide which information you want to add.

The automatic method

Use a Kafoodle digital menu so customers can view and order using their mobile phones. They can follow a link or scan a QR code.
As it’s a digital menu, the recipe availability is live, and any changes you make from within Kafoodle will display immediately.

You can display or hide any recipe information on the menu.

how to add calories to food menu

Kafoodle Makes Compliance Easy

Nutrition information is captured in your recipes, ensuring your dishes always have up-to-date calorie information.

Copy and paste your recipes straight into the system to generate calorie information in minutes.

Unlimited recipes for calorie analysis and the ability to switch to full allergen management and label printing.

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