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Increase profits and reduce costs with our food cost calculator

Calculate costs per recipe, analyse margins and receive RRP. Real-time data ensures that your prices are kept updated and ingredients monitored.

food and ingredient cost calculator software

Effortlessly account for every cost

Track how the value of your ingredients change from receiving them to serving them.

food waste management and reporting

Shrinkage & wastage

Enter how much of the ingredient you discard to update
the supply cost, creating a total ingredient cost.

food profit and cost calculator.

Achieve profit targets

Enter target gross profit percentages for the number of servings you'll create and receive a suggested sale price.

cost per serving calculator software.

Cost per serving

Input the number of servings your recipes will create, and add any plate costs to view your actual profit percentage and variance value.

the vurger co
Neil Potts

Very straightforward to manage the gross profit for each menu item. For the price, we really don't believe there's a system anywhere close to Kafoodle.

Control costs across
every site

Create costing consistency for all your sites from one place.
Assign users editing capabilities and view change history
for complete transparency and traceability.

multi-site kitchen management software.

Scrap spreadsheets &
choose speed.

Benefit from a purpose-built, highly automated food costing calculator software with supplier integrations to improve accuracy and save time.

Replace recipe and kitchen management spreadsheet templates.

Ingredient cost

Add or import your ingredients supply cost and weight, then enter your usage value, unit, and wastage percentage to auto-calculate an ingredient's total cost-in-use.

Recipe cost

Enter how many servings your recipe will produce, any additional
serving/sundry costs, your target gross profit and view actual
price and variance in comparison with your desired profit margin
per serving.

food and ingredient cost calculator software
Recipe and food cost calculator software feature.
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Data in real-time for results in no time.

Live data sources provide consistency for all your sites
regardless of location.

Spot & eliminate losses.

Kafoodle will highlight and draw attention to negative margins inside the costing calculator, so you can identify how to meet profit targets by increasing sale costs or cost engineering the recipe with ingredient selection.

recipe profit calculator software

View changes instantly

View all your recipe data in one place and easily identify ingredient and waste costs that, if changed, could have a profit-boosting effect. Just change one price and watch how your margins shift in front of you.

Instant food cost calculator for prfit margins.

While I’m costing my dish I
need something that highlights
allergens instantly. Kafoodle
makes it simple.

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