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Complete guide to controlling and reducing food costs

Every time you buy food, you invest in your business.

How can you increase your returns and protect them from being squandered?

Our complete guide on controlling and reducing food costs will aid you on your journey to cutting your food waste and boosting your profit margin, all whilst reducing your business's environmental footprint.

Chapter 1 - Calculating food costs

Find the correct calculation for your business and which figures you need to calculate your food cost percentage.

Chapter 2 - Menu pricing strategies

After discovering the actual cost of creating your food, we guide you through the different methods of pricing your food to ensure a healthy profit.

Chapter 3 - Controlling food costs starts in the inventory

Learn how inventory affects the management and reduction of food costs, the common errors inventory systems prevent and the information you should know.

Chapter 4 - Preventing food waste & lost profits

Understand the extent of the food waste problem and simple measures to prevent its damage to the environment and your bottomline.

What do the experts think?

“We as chefs have to become more responsible for what we are feeding our customers.”

Aldo Zilli

Celebrity Chef

“An increased demand from clients to create a healthier workforce can become complicated. We felt that Kafoodle fitted the bill exactly when it came to providing training and open information in a user-friendly way.”

Kevin Harrison

Compliance Director

“Kafoodle made complete sense and was a simple decision for me. The recipe building and allergen elements were important but the hidden gems of HACCPs and costing really sold it. Being able to improve our financials through Kafoodle was key.”

Spencer Wilson

Group Executive Chef