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Healthcare and hospital catering software

Recipe, inventory, purchasing, waste management, food labelling and digital menus designed to help healthcare and medical facilities provide patients with safe food while staying within budget.

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Discover how Kafoodle can help you meet your patients' and residents' dietary and nutritional needs
without compromising quality or safety.

Designed with healthcare facilities in mind, Kafoodle enables healthcare facilities to create, store, and manage recipes efficiently. It ensures customer safety, supports the creation of nutritious, balanced meals, and helps maintain cost efficiency.

Allergen management

Allergen management software for healthcare is a critical tool used in hospitals and care homes to identify, monitor, and manage dietary allergens in patient meals to enhance safety and care.

Nutrition reporting

Ensure patients receive nutritious meals to aid recovery and improve well-being with recipe nutrition reporting to manage and analyse patient dietary intake in hospitals and care homes.

Healthcare food costing

Food costing software for hospitals and care homes looking to manage a budget efficiently, enabling precise control over food costs and profit margins to create a more streamlined and cost-effective operation.

Patient meal planning

Optimise your nutritional care by creating meal plans for your residents based on their needs and food preferences.

Our innovative meal planning software empowers users to create customised meal plans based on patients' allergies and nutritional needs.

With just a few clicks, you can easily select meals from our extensive database and generate a comprehensive overview of a full day's nutritional intake and cost.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual calculations and guesswork. Our user-friendly interface provides a seamless experience, allowing healthcare professionals to ensure patients receive the optimal nutrition they need while considering their unique dietary requirements.

Ward & bedside meal ordering

Our user-friendly platform lets patients and healthcare providers conveniently place and track orders for meals and other essential items directly from the ward or bedside.

Say goodbye to paper-based systems and cumbersome manual processes. Our electronic ordering system ensures accuracy, efficiency, and improved patient satisfaction. Patients can easily customise their orders based on dietary preferences and restrictions, while healthcare providers can efficiently manage and fulfil orders, resulting in streamlined workflows and enhanced patient care.

Streamlined patient meal ordering

Keeping customer cafés compliant

It's not just your patients you need to look after, but their visitors too. Kafoodle enables healthcare facilities with the ability to safely provide customer food services.

Food labelling

Kafoodle ensures legislation compliant ready-to-print food labels, leveraging precise ingredient data from its comprehensive ingredient database.

Menu management

Kafoodle streamlines food service operations by providing print-ready menu templates and digital QR code menus, ensuring customers can access accurate, real-time food information.

Preparation consistency

With detailed preparation instructions, serving tips and exact ingredient use, Kafoodle helps kitchens provide a consistent high-quality food service.

"We no longer have to do any maths or manually search for figures...

Each hospital hosts thousands of staff, patients and visitors who need feeding. We interviewed the Catering Manager for the Ashford and St.Peter's Hospital Trust, Eimear Jordan, to discover how they use Kafoodle to manage their menu recipes and keep customers safe.

Go net zero with carbon labelling

Easily track and reduce the carbon emissions of your recipes by storing all your data in a visualised dashboard.

Understand your carbon emissions baseline, identify emission hotspots, set emissions reduction targets, track progress, and access clear data insights to inform sustainability marketing initiatives.

What our customers say

Before we were blind
Using Kafoodle, we are able to get complete transparency of the nutritional quality of care home meals. This enables us to check these meals are consistently meeting the nutrition standards for the care home residents.

Before we were blind to what nutrition was being offered and consumed by the residents. Now we can safeguard the nutritional quality and safety, the food and fluid consistencies, allergens and nutritional content of the meals.

This will help us to ensure that residents get the best quality of care to optimise their quality of life.
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Tony Ward
NHS Dietitian for Salford Royal Foundation Trust
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Eimear Jordan
Catering Manager
You won't regret it
"Take the time to enter all the information properly at the beginning and spend the time upfront.

It will help you get the most out of the system. You won't regret it. Even if you only want it to solve a specific problem, like allergen reporting. If the ingredient data is right, nutrition and costing information is valuable and easy to access. That's why the supplier purchasing integration is so great."
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