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The technology and data that powers the food industry.

Award-winning menu management software trusted by 1000's of customers to manage their food compliance, digital menus, food waste and food labelling!

Carbon labelling now available!🍃

Trusted by leading organisations

Why Kafoodle?

We give chefs and businesses complete confidence.

A kitchen management tool designed by chefs for chefs! Our easy-to-use recipe management system not only supports your food compliance it also creates time and saves money at the touch of a button.

We offer an end-to-end system, from supplier to service, that enables complete business transparency, whether of cost, nutrition, allergens or purchase to pay.

With Kafoodle, you get a world-class software solution that allows you to offer your customers tasty, healthy and sustainable meals.

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Natasha’s Law and Calorie Labelling

October 2021 saw the introduction of ‘Natasha’s Law’, requiring all prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) food to be labelled with a complete list of ingredients. In April 2022, certain businesses have to show calorie information on non-prepacked food.

The legislation is constantly changing, so why not start your compliance journey today!

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A recipe tool that does it all! Scale, cost, calculate nutrition, allergens, HACCP, Audit Trail. All of this and also create a digital recipe bank for staff training and the ability to create digital menus for customers.

Monitor stock, order from suppliers, keep track of price changes and record waste all from one dashboard.

Intelligent, person-centred meal ordering saves time and streamlines dining processes for hospitals and care homes.

Interactive digital menus allowing customer filtering for allergens, dietary requirements, nutrition values and individual ingredients can also include pre-order and pay.

Meal plan creation based on required nutritional targets and costs for education and healthcare.

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Kafoodle Essentials is a light-touch product for those in the first stages of digitising their kitchen. Helping you manage ingredient and recipe allergens for compliance and consumer information.

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