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Savore’s Adoption of Kafoodle for Allergen Management and Sustainability Pays for Itself Tenfold

At the heart of London's bustling culinary scene, Savore stands out for its exquisite dishes and dedication to sustainability, allergen management, and technology-driven efficiency. With a rich background in the culinary arts as a chef for 25 years, Dan Kelly, Savore’s Creator Principle, embarked on establishing Savore with a clear vision for food compliance and an ingrained value of sustainability.

This case study delves into how Kafoodle has become integral to fulfilling that vision, transforming operations from the ground up.

Effortless integration across Savore's operations

with an easy-to-use system, resulting in quick training and ensuring every team member efficiently uses Kafoodle.

Streamlined ingredient imports and automated updates

due to bulk uploading supplier data sheets to create system-wide updates, reducing manual entry and errors.

24% reduction in the menu's carbon emissions

by using carbon labelling to identify and replace high carbon ingredients with sustainable alternatives.

The Challenges

Upon founding Savore, Dan Kelly faced the immediate challenge of managing allergens effectively while ensuring the brand's sustainability ethos was front and centre.

"I knew that, when starting Savore, I needed an allergen tracking system," Dan remarked, emphasising the importance of simplicity in technology to ensure widespread adoption among his team.

Savore's commitment to environmental and social governance (ESG) demanded a system seamlessly integrated with its operational processes, from ingredient sourcing to customer education on healthy, sustainable food choices.

The traditional methods of manually updating hundreds of ingredients and ensuring compliance with food labelling legislation, such as Natasha's Law, were not viable for a start-up poised for rapid growth.

The Solutions

Kafoodle emerged as the solution to Savore's challenges, offering a robust platform for managing allergens, nutrition, and sustainability in their culinary operations.

With Kafoodle, Savore revolutionised how they managed recipes and ingredients:

  • Efficient Ingredient Management: The ability to import ingredient spreadsheets from suppliers directly into Kafoodle saved invaluable time, streamlining the process of updating menus and food labels with accurate allergen and nutritional information.

  • Carbon Labelling: With carbon labelling so important, Kafoodle was chosen as it could provide carbon emission reports for recipes in a week, sometimes less, compared to competitors who took multiple weeks. Aggregating data on farming and processing of ingredients, packaging in the supply chain, and the transport of all ingredients.

  • Allergen & Nutritional Transparency: "The demand for transparent information about our food from our clients is growing. It's not only a legal requirement." Savore's Food Curator, Andonis, uses the Kafoodle all-in-one platform to ensure every dish served meets legal requirements and customer expectations with clear, informative labels.

  • Recipe Management for Consistency & Compliance: Savore's Executive Chef, Kristy, finds that storing recipes on Kafoodle radically reduces margin for error on allergen compliance, making daily operations smoother and more reliable. "We used to have to write our recipes daily. Now... our recipes are stored on Kafoodle with all the nutrition and allergen information; beyond just providing information, having documented recipes helps improve consistency."

The Results

Kafoodle's impact on Savore was profound, affecting every aspect of their operation:

  • Widespread Adoption: From food development to front-of-house, the entire Savore team leveraged Kafoodle for various needs, including recipe costing, allergen management, and menu compilation. "It took me 20 minutes to understand the system," Dan said, highlighting the ease of integration into their daily routines.

  • Fit For Purpose Labels: The previous labelling system was challenging to use, improperly formatted and required a call with customer services. It also stunted their recipe development, as they were limited in the number of ingredients they could fit on a sandwich label. Kristy remarks upon the shift, "Now, everything is well-formatted and clear. Kafoodle's labelling has made a massive difference."

  • Sustainability Achievements: A crucial win for Savore was Kafoodle's ability to deliver carbon emission reports swiftly, aligning with their sustainability goals and setting them apart from competitors. Within six months, Savore achieved a 24% reduction in carbon emissions, underscoring its commitment to environmental stewardship.

  • Operational Efficiency: Dan shared, "Kafoodle honestly saves us 8 hours a week as a minimum," equating to significant labour savings and operational efficiency. Simple daily activities have also improved, according to Kristy, who said, "With the allergen database, front-of-house has a file of recipes always to hand. It means the front-of-house has to phone the kitchen less for information, and the kitchen, in turn, doesn't need to call suppliers, making the relay of information much faster."

  • Cost Savings: The efficiencies and time savings translated into substantial cost benefits, with Dan calculating that "Kafoodle pays for itself ten times over the course of a year."

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