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What is Kafoodle?

Kafoodle is an award-winning food technology company on a mission to digitise commercial kitchens within hospitals, care homes, schools, corporate catering, restaurants, high street and retail.

Helping the foodservice industry manage and communicate their food allergens, calculate nutrition and control costs. This leads to a safer and more transparent food environment that benefits both the business and their end customer.

recipe management sheet software and mobile digital menu for ordering

Social Impact

Positive change is at the core of what Kafoodle believe, creating long-term differences to our clients and their customers.

Natasha's Law

Allergen labelling for prepacked for direct sale food.

On 1st Oct 2021 ‘Natasha’s Law’ came into effect,
requiring all prepacked for direct sale (PPDS) food to be labelled with a full list of ingredients with the 14 allergens required to be declared by food law emphasised on the ingredients list if present.

Our Brand Heart

Our Brand Heart covers:

1. Purpose – Why we exist

2. Vision – What Future we want to help create

3. Values – How we conduct ourselves

4. Mission – What we are here to do


Everyone who works at Kafoodle has a passion for the work that we do. Meet the people behind the scenes.

Strategic Partners

Kafoodle work with a number of partners to provide ‘best-in-class’ solutions across all of our sectors.

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