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Understand our latest feature update

Cooked State Nutrition

New functionality has been added to Kafoodle to allow far more robust nutritional reporting on recipes.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023


You can opt into the extra columns on the ingredients and allergens screen (in recipes) by using the check boxes as appropriate.

There is also another check box to allow you to select a preparation method too.



Note below the nutrition data pre adding any cooked state as this is the nutrition data, just based on the raw ingredients in the recipe.



Checking either cooked method, preparation method or both will open up further columns in the ingredients section of the recipe.

Against any given ingredient you can now select a cooking method and a product from the drop downs. In this example, against the raw egg ingredient I have select ‘Fried in oil’ as the cooking method and ‘eggs’ as the product.

This looks data up for this item in a table in the backend which houses data sourced from McCance and Widdowsons composition of foods and overwrites nutrition for that specific ingredient with the sourced nutrition for the corresponding item and the cooked state.




Note that the Kcals have gone up from 1124 to 1160 and the fat content is up from 55.5 to 59.2. Fat and Saturated fat are also affected.


To avoid double counting nutrition there is also an option to exclude nutrition data in the final reporting from any given ingredient. This could be utilized if you need to add oil to a recipe to account for the cost of it, but want to exclude the nutrition of the oil as you are adding ‘fried in oil’ cooking method to specific items and don’t wish to count this twice. Once via the nutrition of the oil itself and again by the ‘fried in oil’ cooking method uplift.


Checking the preparation box will allow you to access the column for preparation where you can select from a drop down the relevant preparation of an ingredient.


This preparation method will then show on your recipe spec sheet to direct Chefs how to prep a specific ingredient.

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