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Automatically get the facts with nutritional analysis software

Our highly automated and accurate nutritional analysis software allows users to calculate their recipes' nutritional values directly inside our recipe builder.

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What is nutritional analysis?

Nutritional analysis is the process of determining the nutritional content of foods and food products. It provides detailed information about various nutrients present in a food item.











Frequently asked questions

What exactly is nutritional analysis?

Why is nutritional analysis essential for my food business?

How is nutritional analysis conducted?

Is nutritional analysis mandatory?

Can I use nutritional analysis for marketing purposes?

What is the nutrition traffic light system?

How can the traffic light system benefit my business?

What nutrients are typically covered under the traffic light system?

How can I ensure accuracy when labeling using the traffic light system?

Accurate nutritional analysis from preparation to service

Ensure pin-point accuracy by accounting for the change in nutritional values throughout the preparation and cooking processes.

recipe analysis with food preparation included.

Preparation method

Add the preparation method to individual ingredients.

Kitchen management software for food service businesses.

Cooking method

Specify cooking method for ingredients to create accurate nutritional values.

post cooking variation nutritional analysis for recipe's.

Weight adjustments

Add the weight after cooking or weight change percentage value to account for nutritional adjustments post cooking.

Maxwell McKenzie
Director of Food & Operations

Switching to Kafoodle streamlined the entire nutritional calculation procedure, saving the equivalent of a full-time role.

Create compliant food labels

Values from the recipes' nutritional analysis calculator will automatically sync with a recipe's food labels, so any changes to ingredients of the cooking method will update label values instantly.

Inform customers on labels & menus

All the information in Kafoodle updates in real-time and recipe data is fed live to labels and digital menus so that customers always have reliable, up-to-date data.

Sell the same food with higher profit margins

You can use the information gained from nutritional analysis for marketing campaigns and identifying opportunities to enhance profits.

Evidence for health and dietary claims

Nutritional analysis serves as valuable evidence for health and dietary claims by providing objective data on the composition of food products. This data can support assertions related to nutritional content, helping consumers make informed choices and allowing businesses to substantiate the health benefits of their products under regulations and guidelines.

Improve profits with the same nutritional values

Nutritional analysis can help businesses boost profits while maintaining the same nutritional values. By understanding the precise composition of recipes, companies can make more efficient ingredient choices, reduce costs and optimise production processes to improve profitability without compromising nutritional quality.

Kafoodle is our go-to tool for our team when it comes to providing nutritional guidance to our customers...teams can print the datasheets directly from the software for event day use.

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