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Award-winning menu management software trusted by 1000's of customers to manage their food compliance, digital menus, food waste and food labelling!

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Why Kafoodle?

We give chefs and businesses complete confidence

A kitchen management tool designed by chefs for chefs! Our easy-to-use recipe management system not only supports your food compliance it also creates time and saves money at the touch of a button.

We offer an end-to-end system, from supplier to service, that enables complete business transparency, whether of cost, nutrition, allergens or purchase to pay.

Discover what you need to know about your business

Inventory & stock

Streamline food purchasing and stock taking and gain insight into essential metrics.

Food waste reporting

Monitor food waste reasons and volumes to identify key sources for reduction.

Food cost calculator

Effortlessly view recipe costings and ensure target profit margins are achieved.

Provide customers with what they need to know about your food

Nutrition & allergen information

Provide customers with all the reliable information they need to order safely.

Compliant food labelling

Benefit from instantly generated labels every time a recipe is created or updated.

Digital menus

Let customers access online menus to search, filter and choose effortlessly.

"It used to take us a month to update food labels. Now it takes 10-15 minutes...

Discover how bespoke biscuit manufacturers, Biscuiteers, went from spending a month updating ingredients due to one ingredient change in icing to spending just 15 minutes updating labels inside Kafoodle's fully integrated kitchen management system.

A recipe tool that does it all! Scale, cost, calculate nutrition, allergens, HACCP, Audit Trail. All of this and also create a digital recipe bank for staff training and the ability to create digital menus for customers.

Interactive digital menus allowing customer filtering for allergens, dietary requirements, nutrition values and individual ingredients can also include pre-order and pay.

Monitor stock, order from suppliers, keep track of price changes and record waste all from one dashboard.

Intelligent, person-centred meal ordering saves time and streamlines dining processes for hospitals and care homes.

Meal plan creation based on required nutritional targets and costs for education and healthcare.

food delivery and ordering software

Kafoodle Essentials is a light-touch product for those in the first stages of digitising their kitchen. Helping you manage ingredient and recipe allergens for compliance and consumer information.

A full suite of kitchen management features

Powerful integrations sending data where you need it most

We're specialists in managing our customer's food data and sending it to other systems to create a truly integrated food management system.

What our customers say

Since the school started using Kafoodle, creating a menu takes a lot less time and it’s a much smoother process.
Luca Tomassetti
Catering Manager
the vurger co
Neil Potts
This makes life very easy for our team, whether they are accessing recipes or giving information to customers.
constellation trust logo
James Pickering
Head of Catering Services
The customer service from Kafoodle has been excellent with training and support being an ongoing journey.
Chris Ashmore
Operations Director & Strategic Catering Lead
The ease of use means chefs can use it on a daily basis to keep all food information up to date.
niche logo
Marc Warde
Kafoodle provides all the data required for compliant food labelling and we are able to extract this information seamlessly.
srs logo
Oliver Fisher
Sales Manager
Their software is really easy to use and their labelling solution is one of the best out there!
Zoe Murphy
Marketing Manager
Using Kafoodle allows us to publish our latest menu live keeping our website up to date with our dishes for that day as well as update prices, allergen and dietary information as required.
Tim Watts
Executive Chef
Transparent allergen information has also been a huge help to both the front of house and kitchen team.  Being able to amend cost prices at head office level means that our head chefs can be more reactive to market prices.
Charles Oppenheim
Miles better than using a spreadsheet.
Simon Wolanski
An all-encompassing recipe management solution.
Maxwell McKenzie
Director of Food & Operations
Kafoodle... allows us to drive greater product consistency and improved visibility of cost prices in an ever challenging environment. In simple terms, it gives our chefs more time to be hands on, doing what they do best"
Sally Rose Haines
Head of Nutrition
The onboarding was smooth and the staff there are lovely. We now have full confidence about the allergens and price of the food we deliver.
Andrea Barzaghi
Head of Process Technology
Kafoodle, from the beginning proved to be extremely easy to use and intuitive. The software is a really helpful tool, able to link the purchasing, NPD and technical functions.


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