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How Warwick Conferences use Kafoodle to create a central database to streamline processes and minimise risk

We spoke to Clive Singleton, Head of Conference and Event Catering at Warwick Conferences, to discover how Kafoodle ended their decade-long search for a recipe management system.

Part of the University of Warwick, Warwick Conferences operate four conference, meeting and event venues, welcoming thousands of delegates each month. The catering team prepare food onsite for all venues and internal University events for staff and students.

Single unified data hub

so that everyone in the business has access to the same data, regardless of location.

Improved food safety

with ingredient and recipe allergen reporting and labelling that updates instantly to changes.

Available information

for internal users with recipe data access and external users with digital menu access.

The Challenge

Minimising allergen risks

Since 2014 businesses have had to declare if any of the listed major 14 allergens are present in their food. With only manual methods in place to record allergens and communicate this information to customers, Warwick Conferences needed a robust system to track and provide recipe allergy information accurately.

Standardising menus and streamlining recipes

With so many menus in rotation and every event requesting varied dishes, Warwick Conferences wanted to streamline the recipes available to standardise menus where possible. Standardising the menus would benefit the catering staff, the purchasing team, who currently place orders manually and the sales team by providing easy to access and understandable menu information. Key to this is ensuring all dishes are prepared the same way, the same recipes, which supports the minimising of risk with allergens.

Creating control with a central database

Using a manual process, Warwick Conferences had no central place for staff to record or access recipe information. Instead, data had to be manually added and updated throughout multiple documents, making the process susceptible to human and technological error and no way to audit.

Freely accessible and understandable menu information

Previously, the team would display a sheet with a grid highlighting allergen information in the catering areas. Whilst this provided all the necessary information for delegates, it was not simple and easy to follow.


The Solution

Reducing risk with an integrated ingredient to menu system

Recipes are now created in Kafoodle by selecting ingredients from pre-populated dropdown menus. Taking allergen, nutrition and cost data from the ingredient database and automatically calculating in-use value. All this information is visible on the recipe datasheet and accessible using a digital menu.


Kafoodle integrates with a vast number of supplier databases. Further saving time by eliminating manual ingredient entry and reducing the risk of error as Kafoodle takes ingredient information directly from the supplier databases. Any changes will automatically update, keeping Kafoodle accurate and error free.

Standardised processes and information

Kafoodle can be used to create many menus that Warwick Conferences need. Providing access to information about allergens present in every meal prepared onsite.

As the menus are a list of recipes, any changes to the ingredient information provided and inputted or recipe quantities will then update the menu information.

A central system to control the entire catering process

Kafoodle is an end-to-end catering management software tool, with all the information required in a usable and easy to understand format. The system has input fields that users add the necessary information to remain compliant and keep delegates safe.


The Kafoodle system also provides support with auditing, with change logs and user action history. Creating a traceable process and installing accountability throughout the business.  

Live digital menus accessible on devices

Digital menus created in Kafoodle can be published and viewed on most device’s with an internet connection and are accessible via a link or QR code.

Menus are highly editable, and users can show or hide information. Advanced filtering allows staff and delegates to filter by dietary, allergen, nutrition, ingredient and carbon rating food preferences.


The Result

Minimised risk and increased compliance control

As described by Clive “Kafoodle is a tool to support us in managing allergens primarily... food recipes, databases and controlling standard recipes."

Warwick Conferences now has a comprehensive database of ingredients and recipes with correct allergy and nutritional information received directly from a supplier database. Saving entry time and further reducing the risk of errors during manual entry. The live supplier API connection prevents data from becoming out of date or incorrect as supplier changes are reflected in their Kafoodle ingredient database.

Standardised processes and information

According to Clive, "One of the things Kafoodle has encouraged us to do... is ensuring standardisation of our menus where possible, to streamline the dishes we have and the way we allow people to access that information."


Warwick Conferences now has standardised processes and set menus that are rotated across the areas and throughout the year. Improving their team’s knowledge and preventing unnecessary deviations that could increase the risk of non-compliance.

One business with one system

Kafoodle has provided Warwick Conferences with a single system to help support the control and manage their catering process, from which ingredients they purchase to providing accurate information to the end consumer.


Whilst a prime purpose of Kafoodle is to help the catering team follow recipes Clive said, "We now have an auditing tool that provides a far more robust trail than we used before.". Creating accountability and ownership and providing useful information in the event an incident is reported, and can now look at where the root cause may have occurred.

Recipe information to make the right choice

After enabling the digital menu feature, accessed by scanning a QR code, "Our delegates  and staff will be able to have easy access." Clive went on to say, "It's arguably an upselling tool and great for customers to see the menus they will be having whilst they stay with us"


Digital menus will allow customers to view and browse menus easily. However, Warwick Conferences don't see the new technology as a human replacement; instead, as a customer service enhancing tool. According to Clive, "it's that extra option you can offer to delegates ."


Advice from Clive Singleton

"We had been looking for a recipe database on and off for ten years, the challenge was finding one that provided everything we needed and could work within our business. Kafoodle hit the mark, it provides value for money and importantly is easy to install and use. This database is another way that Warwick Conferences is striving to ensure delegates and organisers have everything that they need to make planning an event as streamlined as possible and provide them and their guests with information they need. Having all the data for our wide selection of meals is vital for delegates to safely eat and focus their energy on their event. I would highly recommend it to other conference and catering venues.

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Ready to get started?

Create your first recipes free for the next 7 days or get shown around the system by us.

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