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How Certas Energy use Kafoodle to simplify compliance

Certas is the UK's largest off-grid energy provider and independent distributor of fuel and lubricants. Providing energy to whoever needs it, wherever they are, from rural residents to large businesses with a network of 94 depots, 900 tankers and over 2,500 employees.


With a network of petrol stations providing hot food, the desire to move away from bought-in products and instead buy local produce to prepare and serve meant they needed to comply with UK legislation.

Guaranteed compliance

with ingredient and recipe allergen reporting and labelling that updates instantly to changes.

Effortless labelling

with an API connection between Kafoodle and a SATO printer preventing manual formatting.

Accuracy and consistency

with an integrated ingredient, recipe and labelling system that creates a reliable central database.

The problem

The introduction of Natasha’s Law in the UK from October 2021, brought new obligations they had yet to experience. Preparing and serving food now meant they had to label their food per the requirements detailed by legislation. Due to their number of employees, Certas also had to display calorie information on their food labels.

"We didn't know what system we needed when we started the process. We just knew the legislation we needed to comply with," said HSE Manager Sophie Goddard.


The Solution

Having assessed the market, Certas decided to implement Kafoodle as it was "very intuitive to use and was an affordable option", according to Sophie.

Certas use the Kafoodle ingredient and recipe database to manage all their recipes and automatically generate compliant food labels. Certas also use a SATO printer which pulls data from Kafoodle using our API connection. Saving time by preventing users from having to export data from Kafoodle.

"Kafoodle helps us easily manage all our recipes which create and update our food labels."

Sophie Goddard


The Result

Certas now have a central database for their ingredient and recipe information and a compliant food label generator, all integrated, creating "consistency and accuracy", according to Sophie.

Following on, "Everything automatically updates when you change just one ingredient, all the recipes and labels. It's one of the features we would find hard to operate our hot food service without."


Advice from Certas HSE Manager Sophie Goddard

1. Take the time to speak to sales reps during a demo, as they will know so much about the legislation and functionality available, but always take a set question list so you get to see the essential features in action.

2. Start by searching for solutions built to solve the problems you are facing. For example, software to help comply with Natasha's Law.

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Create your first recipes free for the next 7 days or get shown around the system by us.

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