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This Week’s Gourmet Gossip: 2015 Ultimate Edible Masterpieces

Friday, November 6, 2015


Some might say she was taking the 'mickey' but Priley Riley has scooped a top prize by recreating Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel fresco The Creation of Adam... in satsumas!Priley came first in the 2015 Ultimate Edible Masterpieces (UEM) competition staged by The Art Fund. The idea was to challenge the public to cook up appetising dishes inspired by famous works of art with the aim of raising cash for British museums and art galleries.The 'appeeling' victor was chosen by judges including restaurateur Rowley Leigh and 2013 Great British Bake-Off winner Frances Quinn. They praised 21-year-old Priley's entry for her imagination and 'inspiring use of ingredients. Frances thought it was 'really thinking outside the fruit bowl'. Priley is studying for a fine art degree at Loughborough University and she admitted it was the first time she'd made art out of fruit.

WINNER - Miss Priley (Paula) Riley - The Creation of Adam

WINNER - Miss Priley (Paula) Riley - The Creation of Adam

Apart from the UEM challenge, participants engaged with the initiative in a variety of ways. Many created their own masterpieces at home while others got together to host a Bake-Off style competition with family, friends and colleagues. The latter is just what happened at Norwich Castle in Norfolk. There, taking the 'biscuit' was a shortbread version of Grayson Perry's 'A House For Essex' (as seen in the main image above, provided by Norfolk Museums Service). Its creator, Norfolk Council employee Alison Newbery, said she'd been inspired by artist Perry's building in Wrabness. It took her 14 hours to make and she confessed that by the time she piped the icing her hands were shaking. The 28-year-old has made many gingerbread houses and she thought that Perry's dwelling would be the easiest of his works to recreate in biscuit form. And Perry seemed to agree as he re-tweeted news of Alison's triumph.But what happened to her own shortbread sensation? It got eaten of course!"One of my colleagues paid £20 to take it home," Alison revealed to Kafoodle."She decided to give it to her husband as an unusual 40th birthday treat!"Here are some of the other entries we liked:

Mrs Evelyn Day - The Chocolate Taj Mahal

Mrs Evelyn Day - The Chocolate Taj Mahal

Miss Nicole Dodds - Modern Art Cupcakes

Miss Nicole Dodds - Modern Art Cupcakes

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