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Kafoodle's new Labelling Launch!

Thursday, March 9, 2017


With recent updates to the Food Information Regulations that require all pre-packaged food to display their nutritional values, we have been developing a solution at Kafoodle to help commercial kitchens remain compliant.We are very excited to launch our new labelling feature, which will allow users to ensure their products are displaying both allergen and nutritional information in a really simple and accessible way. The feature, which has already received an award for Innovation at this year’s Casual Dining Show for its ‘functionality [and] money saving aspects’, aims to change the way in which commercial kitchens and outlets experience this process.In December 2016, the second instalment of the FIR legislation came into practice that made it mandatory for ‘back of pack’ nutrition labelling to be added to all pre-packaged food, in addition to the essential allergen declaration. The rule itself states that the energy value of the product must be provided in both kilojoules and kilocalories, as must be the amount (in grams) of fat, saturates, carbohydrates, sugars, protein and salt present, all of which must be given per 100g or 100ml of the food.


The information must be clearly printed in a font no smaller than 1.2mm and the only exceptions to this rule are food supplements and mineral water- all other drinks are included.Complying with this legislation is paramount, however the task itself can bring about new challenges that need to be considered, and problems still arise. As our co- founder, Tarryn Gorre explains, this process ‘continues to be something that hospitality and catering businesses of all sizes continue to struggle to comply with’.One of the main challenges experienced can be the task of providing completely accurate nutritional values for each dish. This can be time consuming, particularly if last minute amendments are made to the menu, including a change in the quantity or weight of an ingredient. Kafoodle aims to overcome these issues with a system that provides accurate information for all ingredients and recipes. Kafoodle will also do all the relevant calculations for you if a change is made to an original recipe without compromising the overall dish data.


The functionality of our labelling feature is incredibly simple. With one click your recipe ‘profile’ is copied onto compliant and branded label templates that can be printed direct from any computer. It’s as simple as that. This easy process means the amount of time and effort you are saving is substantial. Furthermore, this job has traditionally entailed the help of external resources being required, including the use of specialist printers. This means that by using our labelling system there will subsequently be a dramatic reduction in cost, too. With a population of diners who are now increasingly aware of the food they are eating, and with approximately 30-40% of the UK seeking more food information, this is a really great opportunity for businesses to provide their customers with the information that they want. There has also been a huge surge in a focus on healthy and ‘clean eating’ trends, as it is often referred to, whereby many consumers will be checking a product’s label to ensure that it meets their own preferred criteria.Overall, these measures will not only allow you to stay up to date with legislation in the most cost and time effective way, they will also help to ensure your name is one that is trusted and respected by your diners as a business who delivers the information they need.Kafoodle have already had some fantastic feedback about this new innovation from Founder of Female Foodpreneur Collective, Ashanti Bentil-Dhue, who states:'Ensuring labeling is correct on products is essential but challenging for newer brands and entrepreneurs. This is one of the most commonly asked queries I see across most food entrepreneur forums. Although most brands recognise lebeling needs to be correct, relevant and compliant, they need a practical and convenient tool to achieve those aims. Kafoodle's latest feature is a time saving and comprehensive solution for brands who want to be compliant.' - Ashanti Bentil-Dhue, Female Foodpreneur CollectiveIf you would like to find out more about Kafoodle, then please do not hesitate to contact us directly at We are always happy to walk through the process with you in more detail.You can find more information on the 2016 Labelling legislation here:

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