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Kafoodle raises c.£2 million to support continued growth as a leading health-tech innovator.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Kafoodle is delighted to announce the completion of their c.£2 million fund round, led by Triple Point Investment Management and Nexus Investments, and also supported by existing investors including JLR Star and Bil Bungay. This funding will support Kafoodle’s ambitious scale-up plans as a leading food and health-tech innovator.

We are thrilled to welcome Triple Point and Nexus as our new investors, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience of the education, healthcare and tech sectors. Securing investment from funds of the calibre of Triple Point and Nexus endorses what we have achieved to date. With their support, we believe Kafoodle can realise its full potential as a leading food-tech innovator.

Tarryn Gorre, Kafoodle CEO and Co-Founder

Kafoodle’s award-winning SaaS solutions help commercial kitchens within hospitals, care homes, schools, corporate catering, restaurants, high street and retail, to manage and communicate their food allergens, calculate nutrition and control costs. This leads to a safer and more transparent food environment that benefits both foodservice businesses and their end customers. Our innovative and easy-to-use food management software is used, amongst others, by OCS, The Compass Group, MHA, Vacherin and HC-One.

Triple Point is delighted to support Kafoodle’s continuing growth. We are excited by both its strong financial prospects and the significant social impact it can generate. We look forward to using our resources to support Kafoodle in the years ahead.

Julian Pickstone, Head of Social Impact at Triple Point

Since 2014, Nexus Investments have focused on arranging and deploying more than £12m of EIS capital. Kafoodle not only has a promising product gaining traction in the market but it also uniquely traverses all four areas of Nexus’s investment focus and expertise: Data, Digital, Education & Health. Kafoodle already contributes to the delivery of better nutrition AND margin by commercial kitchens, in both the public and private sectors. With this funding round, we are very excited to partner with Kafoodle on its next stage of growth.

Matthew O’Kane, Managing Director of Nexus Investments

Kafoodle is excited to be working alongside Triple Point Investment Management, Nexus Investments and their existing investors for the company’s next stage of growth. To find out more about Kafoodle’s SaaS solutions, get in touch on +44 (0)20 3371 0450 or by emailing

Notes to the editor

About Kafoodle

Kafoodle Limited was founded in 2014 by Tarryn Gorre and Kim Antoniou to support new food information legislation in the foodservice sector. Since then, the company has developed a robust suite of easy-to-use, cloud-based solutions that cater to the needs of commercial kitchens across all sectors including hospitals, care homes, schools, hospitality, restaurants and corporate catering. Their award-winning SaaS products enable kitchens to track, record and communicate food allergens safely, to calculate their dish nutrition, to monitor costs and share information digitally to their customers.

About Triple Point Investment Management

Triple Point creates a wealth of opportunities for investors, the businesses they partner with and the entrepreneurs that lead them. Founded in 2004, Triple Point manages over £1.5bn of private, institutional and public capital. The specialist teams invest across four themes – property, debt, infrastructure and venture capital. We look across industries and society to unlock value in uncommon combinations. Through our curiosity and experience, we originate differentiated investments that have consistently delivered, irrespective of market timing. These alternative investments are innovative and offer the chance to diversify against the traditional risk of equities and bonds. Triple Point exists to build enduring partnerships and exceptional investments that perform in the long term.

About Nexus Investments

Nexus Investments was founded in 2014 to focus on high-growth actively-managed UK EIS investments, building on the Nexus Group’s growing reputation for excellence over the preceding 20 years. Nexus Investments focusses its investors capital, and its own entrepreneurial, financial and strategic expertise onto three of the most exciting areas of opportunity and change in the world today: Data, Education and Health. The Nexus Investments’ Scale-Up Fund is an FCA-authorised Alternative Investment Fund (AIF), particularly focussed on EIS opportunities, which is now open for investment from advised and direct private UK investors on an Evergreen basis. The Nexus Group is successful financier/entrepreneur Harry Hyman’s private group, best known for starting and still managing the FTSE-250 Healthcare Property REIT, Primary Health Properties Plc, that Nexus has grown from incorporation to now holding over £2.3bn AUM and with a market cap of almost £1.8bn.


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