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Kafoodle Partners with My Emissions for integrated Food Carbon Labelling.

Friday, February 25, 2022


Kafoodle and My Emissions have partnered together to allow clients access to simple, automated food carbon labelling. This is the first time users can access integrated food carbon labelling within a kitchen management software.

Why is our food’s carbon footprint important?

Food is responsible for at least one third of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing the carbon footprint of our food is therefore one of the best and quickest ways to reduce our impact on the planet.

Food Emission Facts

  • Food production contributes at least one third (33%) of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Global food production contributes about 17.3 billion metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year, almost 19 times the amount from the commercial aviation industry.
  • Opportunity to reduce emissions from food by at least 50% if people started to eat more low carbon food.

How does Food Carbon Labelling help?

Food Carbon labelling involves the process of calculating the carbon footprint of each meal or dish served, and then displaying this to customers as the total carbon calculation, a carbon rating, or both.

By displaying each meal’s carbon footprint, customers can easily see the impact of each option and allows them to make more sustainable choices. The insights can also help restaurants and caterers reduce the impact of the meals they prepare and serve.

Who are My Emissions?

Founded in 2020 by Matthew Isaacs and Nathan Bottomley, My Emissions are on a mission to make food carbon labelling simple. They believe everyone should be able to see the carbon impact of their food, empowering them to make more sustainable choices.

My Emissions’ carbon rating, which looks at the ‘per 100g’ carbon footprint of a meal and uses a ‘traffic light’ system, makes it really easy for people to see the impact of their food. Their tech platform allows food companies to quickly and automatically assess hundreds of recipes, making the labels available at scale.

My Emissions have been recognised as one of the most accessible providers of food carbon labelling, including most recently receiving a Young Innovators’ Award from Innovate UK.

Integration with Kafoodle

My Emissions and Kafoodle are developing an integration which will allow Kafoodle clients an affordable way to automatically get carbon calculations for their recipes.

The calculations will primarily be based on data already contained within the Kafoodle platform. Clients will also answer a few questions about their packaging and transport. The software does the rest!

As an output, users will get the carbon total for each item assessed, including a breakdown of each ingredient. They can use this to understand and reduce their carbon footprint, and display the carbon totals or label on their menu.

Currently the integration is in the pilot stage, with participating clients able to get carbon calculations for a selection of recipes. The pilot participants include Dulwich College, OCS and the University of Warwick and they are thanked for their valuable input and feedback.

“We are delighted to be partnering with My Emissions, we’ve found a company with similar ambitions and goals to improve food transparency and customer choice. Carbon labelling is the natural next step for us and compliments our nutrition and allergen reporting” said Sarah Dovey, Operations Director at Kafoodle.

“I'm proud that we're partnering with Kafoodle, and together can offer an integrated solution for carbon labelling for hundreds of sites. I hope this will help us get used to seeing food carbon labels, and inspires people to make more sustainable choices” said Matthew Isaacs, co-founder of My Emissions.



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