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Kafoodle and Racefully

Friday, January 20, 2017


Taking a step back now to our first blog of the year, you may recall us introducing you to our new partner company, Racefully. Throughout 2017 we will be collaborating with this fantastic team and are really looking forward to working alongside a company who are as enthused about health and well-being as we are.We think you are going to love them too!


So what exactly is Racefully?Racefully is a running app like no other. Adding a social dimension into the world of running, its innovative technology allows users to share runs with their friends from any location around the (entire!) world, in real time. What this means is that you can wake up at home, log into the app and share a morning run with friends who live on the other side of the world to you. So how does it work?Once you have downloaded and logged into the app, you are able to notify your friend(s) of the upcoming run and stay connected with them throughout. Once the run has launched, Racefully’s 'live' feature will kick in and monitor the progress of each runner. The app is able to recognise individual progress and can gauge who is in the lead, who is making good time and who may be falling behind. You can even build a whole group (a 'tribe') of runners with Racefully, making it a great way of building a community from all around the globe, or for scheduling larger, competitive or charity events...The Racefully app has already run its first marathon in 2016!Other Features that Racefully offers are:

  • A Run Commentator- Racefully offers a virtual commentator who will provide regular audio updates about your progress (this will be over your music if you chose to run to a beat!).
  • Goal Setting Function- Set your own personal goal for how fast, how far or how long you want to run, and then actively keep track of your progress with Racefully's help.
  • An Environment Equaliser- Racefully are currently perfecting the ability to make all group runs as fair as possible. 'The Environment Equaliser' within the app, recognises the physical environment of each individual runner and filters this information into the group stats. This allows for the run conditions to be judged equally and for personal factors and variables to be considered. So, if you're the only member of the run who just sprinted up that massive hill(!!) then Racefully will acknowledge this and factor it into the run statistics.

To date, the team at Racefully have been involved in some really great events and campaigns, with the most recent being the '30 day challenge' opportunity that launched at the start of the year. This is a personal challenge that you set for yourself, and involves choosing one of four fitness based goals (such as learning to run!) and letting Racefully help and support you during this period, whilst monitoring your progress. The scheme has had some really great feedback and excellent results so far. Racefully also publish a regular online blog, with lots of health, nutrition and fitness advice and articles included, which you can check out here, or if you'd like to go to their main homepage and find out what they are up to then simply click here.Happy running!

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