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How to prepare for Natasha's Law: Four steps to readiness

Thursday, May 6, 2021


There are just five months until Natasha’s Law comes into effect; at Kafoodle, our focus is on preparing organisations to adapt and be ‘business ready’ in advance of October.

As part of this, we’ve released a handy guide that details everything a company needs to know – the what, the why and the how. We will also be releasing a series of ‘How to’ blogs that feed into your preparation. The first of these provides a broad overview – how to prepare, in four steps.

Reviewing suppliers

If you’re buying a packaged product in to sell then you will need to review your supply chain to ensure the correct information, conforming to the new laws, is supplied.Contracts should be reviewed and updated regularly to reflect the requirements of Natasha’s Law as well as the consequences (financial and reputational) of not supplying accurate data.If you’re wanting to provide products free from allergens, you may also need to work with suppliers to confirm alternative ingredients and sources.

Internal training

All too often, consumers will ask staff about the ingredients in a food and will be told “I’m not sure” or “I’ll have to go and check”. Sadly, there have been cases where the information given has been inaccurate and the result has been devastating for the consumer. For their safety, it is vital that staff are given the training they need to provide the correct information. This isn’t just relevant to customer-facing staff, but the back-of-house too.In the face of Natasha’s Law, staff ignorance is not a valid excuse. Once initial training has been given, communication should be ongoing so that staff stay up-to-date, confidently telling customers which of the items on sale are safe for them to eat/drink.

Technology compliance

COVID has demonstrated the benefits technology adoption and the digital transformation can have for a business; allergen management is no exception.End-to-end, from customer to kitchen, software can be used to ensure allergen information for foods is accurate and consistent.Kafoodle’s platform, specifically, can be used to assign allergens to a food product profile; when building recipes, that profile carries across, assigning relevant allergen information to completed recipes and products. Furthermore, it can generate compliant labels, making it easy for businesses to meet the new requirements.On the consumer-facing side, Kafoodle’s digital ordering platform includes filtering functions that make it easier for consumers to place orders or split menu items out according to their ingredients.

Consumer clarity

Back in 2018 The FSA, Allergy UK and the Anaphylaxis Campaign launched a campaign called Easy to ASK – this encouraged food businesses to make it easier for people with food allergies to ask questions.Food businesses should continue to play their part in this, making customers feel comfortable in asking, and, indeed, encouraging them to do so. They can do this using visible, positive signage and marketing.On-site posters and table talkers can be used to encourage customers to ask about allergen information if they need it – fostering an open dialogue with staff. Further marketing, announcing the business’ commitment to complying with Natasha’s Law gives customers the confidence to buy their food and drink and trust its safety.

For more information on Natasha’s Law and clear, simple guidance on preparing for the change, download our guide here, or contact us at

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