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Foodie Friday - 'I am always trying to please other people...'

Friday, July 21, 2017


Our Foodie Friday interviews are a chance to see what influences real life consumers living with food allergies and intolerances. This Foodie Friday we spoke to Louise from Battle, East Sussex. The owner of the successful barbershop, BarberLou's, and busy mum of two.

How many times a week do you eat out and roughly how much do you spend?

I generally get lunch from one of the local cafes when I'm at the shop, so maybe once or twice a week. I spend between £3 - £6.

What foods can you not eat or wish to avoid?

Foodie Friday Kafoodle Louise Killick

I do not get on well with wheat products or those containing gluten so avoid them like the plague! I also try and keep away from complex carbs such as jacket potatoes and chips. With an under-active thyroid and find that I'm hungry shortly after eating. I immediately crave sweet things, so I try to eat plenty of protein to keep me feeling fuller for longer.

How do you decide where to eat?

I have a few favourite places that I visit most regularly due to recommendations and past experiences. If it's a new restaurant then it depends on the size of the group and who I'm going with, that’s my biggest decision maker, I’m always trying to please other people!

What would make eating out easier for you and allow you to #eatwithconfidence?

I love visiting little independent eateries, many of which now cater for food intolerances better than the large chain restaurants because they prepare everything from scratch. Most of them use social media, but as they're often run by their owner, they don’t have the time to promote as much in the early days.

Tell us your favourite restaurant?

Pomodoro e Mozzarella in Eastbourne. They cater for food intolerances really well. They have a very family friendly environment and are always so polite, cheerful and accommodating. I've eaten there for lunch with my children, taken my dad, eaten with friends and family and even arranged a few larger party/celebrations there. They're always so helpful, making sure that there's something for everyone, nothing is a problem.

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