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Foodie Friday "I like to have allergens written in plain sight"

Friday, June 23, 2017


This week on Foodie Friday we're catching up with Sophia, a 24-year-old millennial obsessed with all things food! Realising that repeat medical conditions were as a result of consuming dairy, and further tests also revealing an intolerance to gluten, she cut them out of her diet in her early teens.Sophia's interview highlights the importance that millennials, such as herself, are placing on clear allergen labelling and how the internet plays such a vital role in their restaurant choices.

Sophia Whitham Foodie Friday Interview

How many times a week do you eat out and roughly how much do you spend?I’d say I eat out regularly at least twice a week but sometimes this can increase to as much as four or five times if I’m meeting friends. I’m not a big spender having lived on a student budget for the past three years, but depending on the occasion I normally spend between £15 and £30 not including drinks.What foods can you not eat or wish to avoid?I’m allergic to dairy so cannot have anything containing milk or milk derivatives but I’m also intolerant to gluten and cut this out of my diet as much as possible for my own comfort.How do you decide where to eat?My first port of call is always the internet; I check the menu and try to get a feel for what is going to be available to me. If a restaurant has a separate allergen menu, then that’s always a big plus as it takes some of the guess work out of the equation. I then turn to apps such as TripAdvisor and search the reviews for keywords such as ‘Gluten Free’ and see what comes up. On occasion, although a restaurant looks completely unsuitable from their website, a review will show that they have been accommodating to another allergen sufferer and that will sway my decision in their favour. Scanning reviews can also reveal free-from menu options that the restaurant themselves don’t seem to advertise, such as gluten free bread or a dairy free cheese substitute. What would make eating out easier for you and allow you to #eatwithconfidence? I like to have all of the allergens written in plain sight and alongside the food, but also a key aspect for me is the staff showing an awareness of basic allergens. When I tell someone I’m dairy free and they then serve me milk alongside my americano it doesn’t fill me with the greatest confidence in the establishment.Tell us your favourite restaurant?Niche is amazing for being up front about dietary requirements. The restaurant itself is accredited by Coeliac UK, so there’s no need to worry about gluten. The best thing about Niche though is that the menu is so clearly marked with all the other allergens so that I don’t need to spend time quizzing the waiter and can feel confident that my dish will, in fact, be dairy free.

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