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Case Study: OCS

Monday, November 8, 2021


We have been working with OCS for over four years as a food compliance partner, helping them navigate the ever evolving world of allergen and nutrition reporting.

Most recently, we have worked together to ensure OCS are prepared for Natasha's Law, with our fully compliant food labelling solution putting them ahead of the game in the contract catering sector.

The Challenge 

Within the Healthcare sector, OCS wanted a way to create, digitise and analyse hundreds of appetising menus that were carefully designed to aid recovery by supporting nutrition and wellbeing, whilst also maintaining full allergen data. Producing consistency across hundreds of catering sites is a mammoth task and required a robust solution.

OCS were able to successfully implement Kafoodle's digital solution - saving them time and money - and increased confidence and satisfaction from patients, visitors and staff.


The Solution

After a thorough selection process, Kafoodle was chosen by OCS to provide a digital Recipe and Menu Management solution.

Kafoodle was used to build fully costed recipes, allowing allergen and nutrition information to be seamlessly communicated with patients, visitors and staff.

OCS was able to promote a range of menus with an increased focus on nutrition and choice, helping them create a bespoke, patient-focused food service.

Using our Digital Menus, OCS have created a safer environment at their cafés by allowing staff and visitors to order and pay for drinks and meals, and select their own pick-up time. This saves vital time for staff and simultaneously reduces queues to assist with social distancing.

The Result

Since using Kafoodle, OCS has been able to:

  • Make their dietitian-approved recipes and menus easily accessible, accurate and consistent.
  • Encourage patients, visitors and staff to adopt a healthier approach to food by providing a range of menus with an increased focus on nutrition and choice.
  • Introduce Digital Menus to a number of café sites allowing patients, visitors and staff to order and pay from their mobile devices and pick up when best suits them.
  • Reduced food waste.
  • Create a more streamlined ‘patient to kitchen approach.'
  • Improve HACCP record-keeping and continuity.
  • Make menu changes quicker and easier.


"We enjoy a strong partnership with Kafoodle and it has been a pleasure working with them! With Natasha's Law approaching, we've used Kafoodle to relaunch a new and improved allergen education package. Kafoodle use out-the-box thinking to provide solutions and support us on our journey forward. A true supplier-customer relationship!"

To find out how Kafoodle can help your organisation in the Healthcare Sector - or indeed any other sector - better manage your recipes and menus for person-centric ordering, Contact Us.

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