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Case Study: NICHE Free From Kitchen

Friday, February 4, 2022


NICHE Free-From Kitchen create exceptional free-from meals for retail, airline, travel and private healthcare sectors. It is also home to the Libero, Bare Food & Noot brands. NICHE began a partnership with Kafoodle back in 2017 when the business was a single site, entirely gluten, nut and sesame free restaurant with huge aspirations and innovations planned for the future.

The Challenge

Originally NICHE were looking for a recipe and menu management software with a focus on managing allergen data in order to ensure their allergen free restaurant was fully compliant and transparent.

• NICHE Food and Drink is a completely gluten, nut, and sesame free restaurant and this needed to be managed and reflected in recipes.
• The system needed to aspire to grow in alignment with NICHE’s plans for growth into the world of food production.
• Agility in the software development roadmap was a must.
• Digitising recipes and menus needed to happen to ensure changes could be reflected immediately.

NICHE needed to work more efficiently as they expanded to keep consistency across the business. Since 2017 NICHE Free From has come a long way and Kafoodle have been there to support each step of the journey. Extending into 3 distinct brands, NICHE have grown into the world of food production at BRCGS level and now produce award winning airline meals as well as ready prepared meals for Healthcare and retail.

The Solution

Kafoodle was used to build recipes and menus allowing allergen and nutrition information to be seamlessly communicated with customers. At the same time back of house processes were streamlined to be more efficient and to ensure compliance.

Kafoodle enables Niche to:

  • Record and communicate food allergens to customers through the Kafoodle digital datasheets.
  • Easily create and manage multiple recipes and menus that were reflecting exact ingredients with food allergens and nutrition, to ensure they were of the brand ‘free from’ ethos.
  • Create detailed spec sheets for use in food production.
  • Confidently scale recipes to production level quantities.
  • Generate food labelling data directly from recipes to use on food labels for Natasha's Law and more.

The Result

By working with Kafoodle, NICHE have been able to fulfil their plans of growth into food production as well as ensuring their compliance and allergen management are always at the forefront. Using Kafoodle they have:

Using Kafoodle they have:

  • Produced up to date menus with live food information.
  • Made all allergen and nutrition data available for each dish.
  • Used the open API to connect to their QR/ barcode scanning system to weigh and scale for BRCGS level food production.

"‘We have to provide a full and detailed specification for everything we produce. We use the Kafoodle recipe data sheet as part of that. Customers have found this useful as it gives a good level of detail on the actual product used rather than estimations’, says NICHE owner Marc Warde.

‘Kafoodle provides all the data required for compliant food labelling and we are able to extract this information seamlessly in a format required by our production labelling partner’. ‘The ability to store our library of recipes and scale to production levels has been invaluable for us. Kafoodle has grown as we have grown, and we are proud to use the system alongside other software in our food production business. Kafoodle are very collaborative, they are not some corporate monster that sells you a product and then lets you get on with it’

“Recipe and allergen management is hugely important and having a reliable system that works is paramount.” 

To find out how Kafoodle can help your organisation in the Catering or Production Sectors - or indeed any other sector - better manage your recipes and menus for person-centric ordering, Contact Us.

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