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Best takeaway in Britain using Kafoodle for allergens and recipe management

Tuesday, November 3, 2020


People are demanding to know more about what is in the food they eat, some of this is due to an increasing number of people being diagnosed with a food allergy but also due to general increased awareness and concerns about what people eat.

Voted ‘Best Takeaway in Britain 2019’ Nacho Cheese decided to take control of their recipes by using Kafoodle to digitise their restaurant kitchen.

Nacho Cheese founder Lorraine Priestly, who has Coeliac disease has led the way in offering gluten-free menu items. In addition, Nacho Cheese offers vegan, vegetarian and dairy-free dishes, and the packaging used is compostable and biodegradable.

We spoke to Lorraine about the benefits of using Kafoodle for her business and her customers.

What did you most want to get out of using Kafoodle?

I wanted to use Kafoodle to bring together our recipes, allergens, costings and pictures. Having everything in one place helps keep our business ‘tidy and organised’. Kafoodle has answers to our basic daily requirements at the touch of a button.

How has using Kafoodle improved managing your allergens?

We always had a very organised allergen policy and using Kafoodle has made it even easier to change ingredients and recipes quickly. Training our staff to use Kafoodle has been straightforward and they feel safe knowing they can give the correct information to customers at all times. The fact that we use Kafoodle shows our customers that we care about what we do and keeping them safe is our priority.

Has having all of your recipe information organised digitally helped with your plans to expand the business?

We are at present in the process of franchising our business. Kafoodle will be a big part of our operations manual which will help our franchisees and their staff with all aspects of the business. Keeping everything all in one place makes for a great organised kitchen.

Has using Kafoodle saved you time?

Kafoodle will definitely save me time in the future. It is easy to change or create new recipes and costs in no time at all. Once all of my recipes have been created my staff will use it daily. As for the allergen side, it is so easy when asked a question to give quick, confident answers to customers.

How was the support from the Kafoodle team during the process?

I didn’t realise how much there was to my menu until I started Kafoodle and being so busy throughout lockdown it has certainly been a challenge. The team at Kafoodle have been very patient with me and very helpful. Any questions I had were answered quickly and I feel nothing would be too much to ask. I have also really enjoyed working on this project and feel it has added a great deal to my business.

Kafoodle can offer various solutions for takeaways and restaurants, from our Essentials service to our full Kitchen Management and Compliance software depending on your requirements. We can also offer digital Interactive Menus featuring a robust pre-order and pay system with full allergen and dietary requirement filtering.

For information about how Kafoodle can help your business, please email or call us on 020 3371 0450.

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