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The Vittoria Group Rolls out another 4 Sites

Friday, March 24, 2017


We are really excited to share the good news that one of Kafoodle’s partners, The Vittoria Group, have just rolled out another 4 sites to add to their highly-esteemed portfolio!The Vittoria Group who are a family-run operation of Edinburgh's most favoured Italian restaurants, offer award -winning, authentic gourmet Italian dining from beautiful establishments all around the city.Spencer Wilson, who is the Executive Group Chef of The Vittoria Group, was kind enough to offer this fantastic testimonial as to why Kafoodle has changed the way his business runs for the better. We would, of course, love to share this with you.May we also take this moment to congratulate The Vittoria Group for the launch of their four new establishments- we wish you all the best of luck!


Discovering Kafoodle was like finding that missing piece in a jigsaw puzzle. I am the Executive group chef for the Vittoria Group responsible for several restaurants, Kafoodle has not only created asystem to enable us to provide accurate information regarding the increasing requests from our customers for varied allergen information but so much more.After working with the Kafoodle software I soon realised it was much more than an allergen and nutritional information platform. The software has enabled me to comprehensively record all of my recipes and provide accurate costing information. This has helped enormously with regard to financial control of my menus and centrally controlled recipes for my chefs, which in a business of our size has made a significant difference in having consistent food quality and food margin.I have now successfully rolled out the Kafoodle software in five restaurants, the feedback I have received from both our managers and chefs has been extremely positive and all agree this is an excellent tool to have within the business.The versatility of being able to access Kafoodle on my tablet device means that I can check a recipe at any time instead of always having to carry and consult a recipe folder. I can also amend a recipe and straight away this is then visible to everybody with access to Kafoodle within our business.The time spent personally by me to set up and add our data and information into Kafoodle has been time well spent, once completed building recipes in the future and amending any other information becomes a much simpler process.I would highly recommend to any size of business that wants to have confidence in providing the correct allergen and nutritional information to their customers with the additional benefit of a stringent and consistent control on recipe and cost building.’Spencer WilsonExecutive Group chefVittoria Group

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