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4 essential things that every successful restaurant is doing

Friday, September 22, 2017


Often the simplest things are those that get overlooked when opening and running a restaurant. By taking care of these 4 simple things you're setting the best foundations for your restaurants' future success.

  1. Quality over quantity
  2. Never compromise the quality of your food for your budget, of course, be mindful and keep food costs optimal and below 31% but take pride in what you are producing and never sacrifice quality ingredients for quantity of dishes. People will pay to eat good quality food, and would rather a reduced menu selection than pages of low quality food options. A successful restaurant holds their food at their heart.
  3. Atmosphere
  4. Figure out the ‘vibe’ of your restaurant, how do you want it to make your customers feel? Remember that consumers are paying for the experience, not just the food itself and so creating an environment that allows them to not only take pleasure in the dishes you are offering but also in the company they are holding and the experience of their surroundings is essential.Additionally, don’t neglect your choice of music and the volume you play it at. Overly loud music can be intrusive and will cause customers to shout over one another, similarly setting the volume too low can cause the music to become background noise and a nuisance. Be mindful that the volume will need to change as your restaurant fills up and empties to provide the same experience throughout the shift.
Kafoodle Food Management software solution for Kitchens Successful restaurant
  1. Management
  2. The management of your staff and kitchen dictate the experience and quality of service that is delivered to your customers. A disorganised front of house does not portray a positive image to your diners and is not conducive to optimal productivity. Similarly, a disorganised Kitchen will not be producing optimal quality food, streamline your kitchen processes and digitise paper folders with a food management system that works alongside you to ensure that your chef can focus on what really matters. 
  3. Sanitation
  4. The cleanliness of your establishment is one of the most important aspects of a successful restaurant, and for good reason. A successful restaurant doesn't want to give their customers food poisoning or be seen as unsanitary. Additionally, they will be mindful of food allergens ensuring processes are in place to avoid cross-contamination and provide safe food for all diners to eat. Download your free allergen poster at the end of this post. Remember that this extends out of the kitchen and into the dining room. Make sure your employees are neat and tidy, long hair is tied back and their clothing clean. A dirty or untidy front of house will give a message to your diners that the kitchen is in a similar state. Make sure the message your front of house portrays is one the one you want your customers to see.
Kafoodle Food Management software solution for Kitchens - Successful restaurant

If you stay true to these four points, then your restaurant is primed and ready for success!

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