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Natasha’s Law: Are you ready?

Change is here.

Download our industry guide for everything you need to know!

On 1st October 2021, new regulations came into effect for businesses selling foods prepackaged for direct sale on premises (PPDS).

Everything you need to know and to prepare for Natasha’s Law can be found in this guide, including:

  • What Natasha’s Law is, and why it is so important
  • A guide to new product labelling
  • A review of 14 main allergens
  • A definition of PPDS and explanation of what foods are included
  • How to construct an allergen management plan

To download your copy of the guide, complete the form opposite.

What do the experts think?

“We as chefs have to become more responsible for what we are feeding our customers.”

Aldo Zilli

Celebrity Chef

“An increased demand from clients to create a healthier workforce can become complicated. We felt that Kafoodle fitted the bill exactly when it came to providing training and open information in a user-friendly way.”

Kevin Harrison

Compliance Director

“Kafoodle made complete sense and was a simple decision for me. The recipe building and allergen elements were important but the hidden gems of HACCPs and costing really sold it. Being able to improve our financials through Kafoodle was key.”

Spencer Wilson

Group Executive Chef